Italian tiles by Flaviker Pisa exude luxury and aesthetics

backstage bisque flaviker tiles

Flaviker PISA is part of ABK Group, founded in 1992. The end products of this company are fired porcelain tiles and offers a rich selection of designer colors and textures for your home. High-quality technology and environmentally friendly methods have been used to constantly develop the aesthetic porcelain stoneware.

Italian tiles by Flaviker Pisa

Cityline dark gray tile floor


Cityline Silver

cityline silver coffee table glass living room

All tile designs and collections of Flaviker are designed and made in Italy in relation to the natural environment. After high quality requirements, the manufacturers and designers have worked to introduce you to the best of the world of tiles.

 backstage ash

design tiles italy backstage ash

Backstage bisque

backstage bisque flaviker tiles

Backstage Graphite

backstage graphite design tiles

Backstage Ash collection

design backstage collection ash tile italy

Backstage bisque collection

backstage collection bisque flaviker

Backstage tiles in the kitchen

backstage collection bisque line kitchen

Backstage Tan

backstage tan gray floor tiles wooden table backstage tan wall tiles wood look

Backstage Tan in the bathroom

bath-backstage-ash-gray wall tiles

Grafite - Beige

beige grafite gals window bath

Bisque series from OVER

bisque over tiles bath wall

Robust flooring made of tiles

floor tiles ash flaviker collection

Bone Cityline

bone cityline flaviker italian tiles

Cityline Dark

cityline dark gray floor tiles

 Cityline CollectionCityline white floor wall tilesCityline White

cityline white italian tiles wall

Dakota tile designs

dakota avana wood look sofa

Dakota Avana

dakota avana wood wall tiles shower

Dakota Avana

sink dakota avana tile mirror

Dakota Grigio

dakota grigio tile bathroom

Dakota Grigio

dakota grigio wood optics tile kitchen

Naturals of Dakota

dakota wood effect floor tiles naturale

Naturale floor tiles from Dakota

dakota stool naturale floor tiles wood

Forward - Gray

forrward italian tile exterior gray grass

Forward in the bathroomr

bathtub sand tiles forward

Forward - sand floor tiles

forward sand floor tiles bedroom italian tiles

Monochromatic floor tiles

yellow leather stool floor Italian tiles

Gemstone - Black Series

gemstone black series wall tiles

Gemstone - Brown

gemstone brown wall tiles bathtub italian tiles

Gemstone - Gray

gemstone gray series bathroom tiles italian tiles

Gemstone Gray in the living room

gemstone gray series sofa italian tiles

Gemstone - Ivory

Italian tiles beige bath gemstone ivory

Gemstone in the kitchen

gemstone ivory kitchen diner italian tiles

Gemstone White in the dining room

gemstone white dining room italian tiles

Grafite Beige - wall tiles in the bathroom

Grafite beige collection bathroom tiles

Grafite Grigio - great floral pattern

grafite grigio bathtub black pattern

Bianco series by GrafiteGrafite collection Bianco dining room tilesGranito Grigio Malaga

pool italian tile granito grigio malaga

Granito Nero Labrador

granito nero labrador lounger leather texture

Woodwall collection

gray wall woodwall bathtub italian tile

Woodwall - Gray

woodwall wall tiles gray wood flaviker

Grigio - Urban Wood

grigio urban wood kitchen tiles

Sunny living corner - Flaviker wood effect floor tiles

wood look sofa sofa coffee table marma preziosi statuario extra flavian italy tiles

Marma Preziosi Statuario


 Marma Preziosi

sink mirror tiles Marmi Preziosi - Diano Reale

bathroom tiles marmi preziosi diano real beigeMarmi Preziosi - Onice Miele

marmi preziosi onice miele golden italian tile sink

Further color shading

marmi preziosi sink mosaic italian tiles

Natural Stones in the bathroom

Naturalsstones collection bathroom tiles wall pattern

Remarkable rain shower

naturalsstones light sand series

Light Sand series by Naturalstones

naturalstones bathtub light sand beige wall tiles

Dark Earth is called this tile series

natural stones flaviker dark earth

Light Earth Tiles in the bathroom

naturalstones light earth bath airy curtains

Floor tiles for outdoor use by Flaviker

outdoor trees tiles outdoor area

Outdoor collection

outdoor beige rattan furniture italian flavian flavors

Outdoor Gray

outdoor gray dining room

Flooring for the roof terrace

outdoor red gazebo tiles

Combined wall tiles in the bathroom

over flaviker italy tiles bathroom

Over Ice

over ice flaviker italian tile bath

Royal Series

over collection flaviker royal series

Mosaic tiles by Flaviker

over lead bathroom tiles flaviker italian tiles

Lime nuances

over lime colors wall tiles flaviker

Built-in bathtub with mosaic surface

over silver bathroom tile sink

Snow series by Over

over snow colors series bathroom tiles

Wall Tiles - Plum Pattern

plum colors over collection wall tiles bathroom

Quartzite - beige

quartzite beige living room tiles

Quarzite Grigio by Flaviker

outdoor area italian tile quartzite grigio flaviker

Golden rings as a wall tile patternrings golden wall tiles bathroom ivory gemstone

Scarlet Over

scarlet over gray colors tiles

Rural bathroom design

urban concrete white tile rural designGorgeous wall tiles with feminine patterns

Italian tile fog urban concrete flaviker

Smoke Series - Urban Concrete

urban concrete smoke tiles

Urban concrete

white tiles urban concrete hearth

Urban Wood Antico

urban wood antico floor tiles flaviker

Bianco tile series in the living room

urban wood bianco floor tile floor lamp

Urban Wood in the bedroom

urban wood wood look bedroom

Naturale series in the front yard

urban wood naturale dining room tiles

Woodwall - rustic bathroom furniture

woodwall beige wall flaviker tiles italy

Brown nuances

woodwall beige wood colors italian tiles

Combined tile textures

wall wall bathroom ivory woodwall

Woodwall Ivory

woodwall ivory wood italian tiles

Rhombus pattern

woodwall collection flaviker white wood

Woodwall- White Collection

woodwall white wall bathtub gray texture

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